Posted by: topher274 | July 23, 2011

Summer is over. I’m ready (part 2)

About two weeks ago, I received a message on facebook from my co-worker at the symphony named Meaghan. I had learned that Meaghan, though a woman a few years younger than me, not just worked at but manages her a Starbucks downtown. After sharing some old Starbucks stories at work, I told her in all seriousness that if there was ever an opening at her store I would be very interested. Well that day came.

I have just finished my second week working at this downtown Starbucks, working the 6 am to 11 am shift every weekday. This brings my job count to four (in addition to the symphony, I work in the library at my school and I work as an editor for a scholarly linguistic publication, the Ethnologue).

Although getting up at 5:00 in the morining every weekday is an adjustment all its own, I could not be more happy and grateful to have this new addition to my life. My heart is so happy to be meeting not just one or two, but dozens and dozens of people who come in as customers (the vast majority of whom are regulars who we see every day) and starting to get close to the other 3 baristas who work there (it is indeed a very small store). I receive my first paycheck and start getting tips only after my third week, so the money has been super tight, but life is seriously looking up in this arena. I’m so glad.

But one big change was not quite enough :) This past Thursday, the new semester has started at GIAL. And all of a sudden here is another half-dozen or more fascinating, beautiful linguistics-loving men and women, eager to strike out in all that God is calling them to.

It seems so strange that adding a few people such as these would make such a difference to my life, but it really does. Last night a bunch of people got together for a Wii party at about 7 pm that was a kind of a welcome for the new students. The party wrapped up around 8:45ish, but after cleaning up, we all just stayed in the corridor talking, laughing, and sharing with each other.

After about half an hour or so, one girl mentioned that she had freezepops in her freezer, so we all trekked over to her apartment and spent another hour or so telling stories, enjoying each other, and continuing to start these new relationships. We left her house to retire back to the guest house around midnight. But instead everyone going up to their respective rooms, we sat on the couches and talked and shared even deeper things on our hearts until about 2 in the morning. The night finally ended with a plan for a breakfast of waffles together the next morning. I walked home and my head hit the pillow at about 2:30, contented, excited, and at peace.

This morning, the waffles did indeed happen. We cooked and talked and laughed and asked each other questions all the more for more and more hours. One texan gentleman reccomended a barbecue restaurant for lunch and soon we all trucked out to Arlington for a long, wonderful meal that no one quite wanted to end. We adjourned eventually and went back to the dorm, where I left at 4:45 to get going to work.

7:00 pm last night to 4:45 this evening of sharing life together with friends new and old. My heart sings for joy in a way I haven’t felt in quite a while. God is good and I’m ready to jump into the second half of 2011.

Bring it on.



  1. From one extrovert to another, people make life so much better, don’t they?

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