Posted by: topher274 | July 23, 2011

Summer is over. I’m ready. (Part 1)

It seems a little strange to say that summer is over. Indeed, we’re only about one month into it! But due to some strange circumstances and stranger scheduling, it’s done. My school, GIAL has 21 week semesters, so we’re in classes from the first week of January to the second week of May, and the third week of July to the second week of December. Not a whole lot of time for dilly-dallying ;)

The summer has been a little rough with roommate troubles and even tougher money troubles, but the hardest challenge of all was that most all of the dearest friends I’ve made over the last six months being gone. Just gone.

In line with that, I took a great trip up to Kansas City for what will surely go down one of the most important weddings of my life. One of my very best guy friends, Matthias, married one of my very best female friends, Tineke. I was up there for a week, visiting all my dearly beloved kith.

I feel like I have a lot to reflect about. It’s amazing to see beautiful and wonderful friends, and then to make new onese besides, but it seems like our lives tend to be characterized by leaving. There were even some friends who no longer live in Kansas City, but drove down from Minnesota! Then they left. Matthias and Tineke, after the week of wedding preparations (not to mention the months of planning), there was a beautiful ceremony and reception. Then they left. I even found myself able to stay two more days on top of what I had originally planned. Then I left.

I drove back down (after much monies had been spent on various car repairs) and arrived back at my house in Dallas. The guy with whom I’d gotten along with the best (and kind of moved in the house to spend time with) had left after he graduated. My old roommate had left and in his place someone with whom I have had a very difficult time getting along. My fellow students had moved out to their own corners of the world: Pakistan, Tanzania, Sudan, various places for more schooling and preparation. They were gone. All I had left was one or two people with very busy schedules, often out of town, and very little community in a hot, sad Dallas. Summer.

And now, perhaps, it’s over.

(continued in part 2)


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