Posted by: topher274 | June 15, 2010

Hiatus might be a bit of an understatement.

As the time-stamps tell me, my last post on this blog was over a year ago, right after I came back from Seoul, South Korea. Indeed, I was a little relieved (surprised?) to see that this blog was still here. How delightful.

So what, you may ask, am I doing here? Hasn’t this last year proven – for the second time – that I am just not meant to be a blogger? Perhaps. But of late there have been a few good nascent and variegated developments that could stand to be developed.

I find this little blog to be my little corner of these vast interwebs. My ever so small platform to say ever so small things to this little readership is indeed important. It is important both now and in the future.

In my current job, I have many long hours a day to listen to so much that the internet has to offer. I listen to audio-books, to lectures, to podcasts and, occasionally, even to music! I find that I am gaining, knowledge yes, but also ideas and new ways of looking at the world that bear discussion and sorting out in a public space.

So many developments in media, politics, religion, entertainment, technology, science, linguistics, scholarship, education, international relationships and tons of other topics keep bubbling to the surface. It is important, at least to me, to talk about these things, coveting your feedback.

I feel a little sheepish bringing back this blog back from the dead (so to speak), but let’s have another crack at it. I haven’t been keeping up on the blogs of y’all either – but I am going to take that up as well. I think that the blogosphere can become a kind of updated enlightenment salon. Let’s see where this goes.

All I’m looking for at the moment is to see who is paying attention to see that I’ve taken up my blog again. Comment to let me know if you’ve read this, along with the address of your own blog and I’ll add it to my own data-stream. If you have some kind of defunct blog – consider taking it back up again. What could it hurt?

– The Good Doctor



  1. I used to have a blog as well….once Samuel is a better napper, I’ll be able to pick it up again. In the meantime, keep up the bloggn’ yurself! :::hugs from the Nagys 4:::

  2. Splendid. My blog is also in need of revivification.

  3. Seeing your blog in my feedreader is a delight. Perhaps I’ll re-re-revive mine, as well. Cheers.

  4. Thanks, y’all. It’s great to hear from you. Let’s do it – To the Blogs!

  5. I am also a defunct blogger! Aside from Jeff’s and my travel blog, which was a limited time only deal.

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