Posted by: topher274 | November 5, 2008

Part of Your World

Well, I have been meaning to continue on this journey by showing you pictures of my apartment here in Seoul, but to be perfectly honest – I haven’t seemed to find the time to clean it up enough to be presentable enough for company.

So instead, I will take you to work with me. I actually have a bit of a long commute – about 45 minutes every morning. It’s so long, I’m going to actually break it into two posts. I wasn’t planning on doing this initially, but as it turns out, my camera battery died right before I got on the subway. So the following is part one: the first half of my commute. Behold the glories of Kkachisan!


Right outside my door, on the fourth floor. Down the flights of stairs,

cimg0103To the front door. Then out into the wider world of the far east.

cimg0104Ooo… A blue truck – This truly is a land of enchantment and mystery! Say, this shot reminds me an awful lot of Myst. Remember Myst everybody?

cimg0106Take a left (i. e. hang a louie) outside of the garage/overhang and peer around the side of the next building to the narrow streets beyond.

cimg0107First block. Mostly brick buildings, some have fun gates like on the left. Dad, you could totally take a 55 passenger bus on these ridiculously narrow streets.

cimg0108Next block. This is the little corner store where I get my water and milk. It is owned and operated by a crazy and cool Korean woman named Patty. She had a joking relationship (technical anthropological term) with Ryan H., the teacher I’m replacing. A fun little shop.

cimg0110Alright, now we’re getting somewhere! The first of three turns. Get ready to turn right! Are you ready? Set… Go!

cimg0111Another nice gate :) The “san” of Kkachisan means ‘mountain’ (cognate of the Mandarin Chinese ‘shan’ [ ] ). The point is, I live near the top of big hill. Going down…

cimg0113Nice. This is the Asia I signed up for. I have just started to skip pictures. The whole album may very well be up on facebook, but this will be the more story-ied version. On another note, there is a certian refreshing freedom with power lines, eh?

cimg0117In the thick of things. These are taken, true to my story, in the morning on my way to work, a little before 9:00 am. The left-facing swastikas on the right are Buddhist, um.. places. If you were wondering. Alright, coming up on the second turn, a left.

cimg0132Left taken. This is the longest stretch of the route to the subway station. I very well may come to know what some or most of these signs mean in the future, but for now, I’m completely lost in translation.

cimg0141Ah, the well worn path. These streets are complete stimulation overload, as might imagine – especially at night. Okay, were coming the the biggest intersection in this little neighborhood. We’re going straight through, but we need to look both ways before we cross the street…


First look left. It seems pretty clear after this taxi passes…


Now look right. If you don’t faint from the advertising, you’re all set :)

cimg0152Last corner. We’re taking a left – just through the market then on to the station.

cimg0159A charming open air market. I didn’t take any pictures inside because not too many places are open at this time of day. I may show you around Kkachisan Market some other time, if I don’t feel too awkward/embarresed/intrusive taking pictures of everybody and everthing.

cimg0165And we reached the station! Um.. wait – oh, we need to look left:

cimg0166There it is! Now if that doesn’t look like something out of Myst or Sci-Fi or the Future I don’t know what does!

cimg0168And here we go, down, down, down into the heart – the very belly of the city. I have a few more pictures, but I think I’ll save them for the next post. I really do live in a very cool place, if a little hard to get to. Imagine trying to give directions to get someone to my house. Or worse yet, imagine following directions to my house!

Well that’s all from me tonight. Love y’all and I’ll repost soon.



  1. wow

  2. Oh, Asian streets. You’re a blessed man, Chris.

  3. It’s so Asian!
    I love it!
    I’m coming!
    I hope you are doing well
    & enjoying yourself as you should be.
    I miss you!

  4. now that’s the Korea I remember. I’m glad you got to see Lisa. Kkachisan. Never been there (I think)

  5. What about the food? A photo of you would be nice now and then so that we can see that it’s really you and not an imposter. Love you!

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