Posted by: topher274 | October 27, 2008

The Need for Connection

“How can you connect in an age when strangers, landlords, lovers, your own bloodcells betray…” That slightly dark line from RENT serves as the segue to my very happy blog post, which will not, in fact, be my deep thoughts about meaningful relationships.

Indeed I mostly just have to say that I finally found and was able to purchase a power adapter so that I can plug in my laptop. So interesting, that all that has stood between me and everyone/everything back home was this little piece of metal and plastic. Well, no – it’s not that interesting, but here we are :)

I have already had many adventures here in Korea, but I must write about them in the correct order, so as not to confuse. This is just a quick note to say that I have not neglected my blog, just needed a little plug.

Here we go…



  1. you should have asked me, i have one that I bought for africa that does all power systems and i’m never gonna use it again, but i don’t throw it out because i think someone else could use it…

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