Posted by: topher274 | September 11, 2008

Last Hurrah

The long circuitous route I hope to make in the weeks to come

The long circuitous route I am making in the weeks to come

Well my life is swiftly becoming worthwhile. After much heartache and a bout with hopelessness, I am indeed going on my last hurrah trip around the northeast. I could not be more excited. My itinerary is the following

Thursday 11th, Northampton MA to see Ben, Laura and family, then on to Bangor ME to see Justin, amy and family
Friday 12th, Newport VT to see Elsbeth and her husband Paul
Saturday 13th, Rochester NY to see Henry and Debbie
Sunday 14th, Buffalo NY to see Jer and Alicia (perhaps Shannon and other Buffaloans), then onto Houghton NY, to see Tineke and Susanna
Monday-Friday 15-19, stay in Houghton and visit all sorts of people
Saturday 20, Jer and Alicia’s wedding
Sunday-Wednesday 21-24, Hamilton ON, to see Ben and Crysty
Thursday 25, Back home to Torrington

I just found out this evening that I am able to leave tomorrow morning, so neither Ben and Laura nor Justin and Amy know that I am coming yet. Thank God for cell phones!

The Lord is so kind to me. He always comes through and I love him so much. Oh dear dear friends of mine, I am coming!



  1. Christopher! If you have a chance to see me while you’re at Houghton, please let me know! I’m mostly free on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Hope to see you and that your trip goes well!

  2. Chris, I confess guiltily (not really guiltily, but as awful a word as that is, I love the sound the -uiltil part makes) that this is the first time that I, a self-avowed blogaphobiac, have ventured within the hallowed gates of your online abode. What have I found here? Renewed evidence that I am going to seriously miss you. You are a terrific man; an officer and a gentleman, to trot out the old phrase, and use it on just the fellow it ought to have been written for.

    Every hour that you remain on the continent re-inspires the hope that you will remain for long enough to somehow coerce you back to Kansas City for my wedding, and yet nobody will be more delighted than you and me when you finally get hold of that troublesome visa (familiar territory for some of us) and spread your wings like some curiously bearded bird. I think you shall have a regular reader in this Englishman. Bon voyage, and I shall eagerly await your next update.

  3. wow, that last response was great! I don’t even have anything sarcastic to say because I don’t want to bring attention away from an englishman’s perfect english.

    everyone should re-read that post again. I love the ‘curiously bearded bird’ bit. perfect!

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