Posted by: topher274 | September 10, 2008


The Big Kahuna

The Big Kahuna

Well, the day has finally arrived, the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland has been switched on. I can’t imagine who might be reading this who might not know about CERN and the LHC, but it is the largest machine in the world and the greatest science experiment ever devised by humankind. It is truly a tribute to the achievements of the human race.

I am a lover of science and religion. Religion and science seem to have a hard time playing nice together, because they play by very different rules and have very different standards by which they judge the world around them. But science is truly a gift from the hand of God. We as human beings can come to know the depths of the mysteries of the universe he created. He laid it all out at the foundation of the universe, and we are discovering the whats and whys of his brilliant masterstrokes.

The LHC is designed to recreate conditions that occured in the next instant after the beginning of the universe, and then to take pictures of what happens next. The great explosion of light and power described so eloquently in Genesis chapter 1 as “Let there be light” is the focus of humanity’s gaze for the next months and years after today. The LHC is a kind of a cosmic ‘Wayback Machine’ to see how that most incredible of all displays of power was formed into what we see today.

One thing that I often muse on is the names of all our particles. There are Hadrons, Protons, Neutrons, Baryons, Mesons, Quarks, Leptons, Electrons, Neutrinos, Bosons, Photons, Gluons, and even theoretical particles like the Higgs Boson or even the Graviton! My muse is this: when God created the universe, he had a name for all these things. When he dreamed up creation, the planned beforehand how all of these would be woven together to make the universe make sense. I bet those names were very beautiful.

Well, that’s one solid profound thought from me today. Raise your glasses to this new triumph of humanity, seeking one more insight into the person of God and how he stitched this universe together.



  1. Hooray for CERN!! We’re making quark-flavored milkshakes tonight in honor of CERN Day…that’s right, we gave it its own day. The generations after us will know of and celebrate it as if it were their own.

  2. QUARK FLAVORED MILKSHAKES!!!!!!!! Mine is the up quark and I chose peach and vanilla because they’re both happy flavors, just like the up quark.

  3. CHRIS! this is right under my feet, many meters downward (and possibly to the right and/or left)
    i’m living in a suburb of Geneva this year, and drive to Geneva regularly, etc…
    I actually didn’t know what this was, but ppl have been grumbling (as ppl always will) about being innocent guinea pigs living atop someone’s crazy science experiment, etc. anyways i am pretty much oblivious, but so good to know you know what’s going on under my feet. :) best of luck in korea!

  4. so, i guess i screwed up my comments. i left my comment about the killer blower uper thingy in france under the torringtonopoly thing, so now i’ll leave my comment about torringtonopoly under the killer blower uper thingy in france.

    what was the poor business that got to take baltic?

    oh, no one knows because no one cares about stupid properties that don’t make any money! -ouch!

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