Posted by: topher274 | September 2, 2008


The Warner Theatre

The Warner Theatre

I’m back in my hometown of Torrington, Connecticut. I love Connecticut, truly it is on of the most beautiful places I have ever been. It’s so great.

The name of this post come from a (very) limited edition board game, a monopoly clone that our town was selling as part of some downtown revitalization. Somewhat historic, one of the main attractions of Torrington is our huge art deco movie theatre, the Warner Theatre. It has since been converted to regular stage venue, with plays, shows, concerts, etc. The Warner was the ‘Boardwalk’ of Torringtonopoly. This is unrelated to the rest of the blog post.

Aside from the clear and obvious first-priority of seeing and greeting friends and family, am have come to Torrington in search of riches. Well, for money. I am actually considering (gasp Kyle Nagy!) taking out a personal loan at my local bank to “tie up” a few financial loose ends (to the relief of Brent Chamberlain and others). I’ll let y’all know how that goes.

There are two people in particular whom I wish to see while I am in Torrington. The first is Zachariah Patterson. Zach and I were best friends in high school, and is now almost engaged to my sister (the extent of that almost is unclear, but it’s coming along somewhere). He is a brilliant guy, a delight to talk with, and very reformed. He is what Clark Pinnock would call a paleo-Calvinist, holding fast to the Westminster confession, etc. He may even be Dutch reformed! (which I realize is different from Netherlands reformed, as the great Cornelius Hegeman taught me)

The other happens to be his uncle, Norm Patterson (Jr). Norm Patterson has been one of the people who has poured into me spiritually for many years, even going back to middle school when I first went to the church where he preached. He is a bold man of conviction and passion. He is a family man with four home-schooled children and a remarkable wife Debbie. Norm has taught me much about zealously pursuing God with all my heart and mind – probably my great love of theology today came from him in those pre-college days. Visiting with him is truly one of the highlights of my time before going to Korea.

As far as going to Korea goes, all I have left is the visa, which should be taken care of in the next week or so. I have to go down to fabulous New York City to get it, and you’ll be sure to know how that goes.



  1. Salina has an old classic theatre too. Now if only it were in Connecticut…it would be way cooler.

  2. Hey Chris! For some reason i didn’t see the Facebook email till today, but i’ll be sure to keep up with you. I have a blog too, and i guess i need to write in it more. As for now, i should get back to studying. ;)

  3. You’re too kind.

    My Uncle has four (4) children, however. Don’t feel too bad, though … one time when a newspaper did a peice on him for all his yellow-jacket stuff, they said he had two girls and two boys. I made sure to tease him/one of his 3 daughters about that ;)

  4. Nothing related to your current post, however I wanted to let you know that Wednesday has been declared an international holiday. What might we be celebrating? IT’S CERN DAY OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!!! We’re going to have quark flavored milkshakes (the flavor is obviously subjective, the down quark will have alcohol in it, that is as far as I’ve gotten).

    I know you want to be here, perhaps we’ll freeze on for you.

  5. Torringtonopoly Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (did we ever end up playing it?)

  6. Hi Chris,

    I remember sending Torringtonopoly to my nephews in England. I didn’t think to get one for myself, though.

    Enjoying your blog; am here on my first visit. I gather you’re leaving the US soon if you haven’t already. I will pray for a safe trip that rocks your socks off. :o)

    Blessings to you,

  7. and of course, the stupid thing breaks 1 week into using it. and if it wasn’t so ungodly big, it would only take a week to fix, but now it’ll take 2 months. I can’t seem to imagine what a crater the size of france/spain would look like, so i’m just gonna take a picture of the real thing when it happens.

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